Sustainability Suppliers - TransNet

Company certifications and sustainability labels (ISO, CEMARS, CarbonZero, etc.)

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System

ISO 14064-1 – Quantification and Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals 

TransNet NZ Limited also have a Carbon Measured Certificate, this is the first year our emissions have been measured but moving forward we will be able to compare year on year.

Health and Safety Management – ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices:- Secondary level

TransNet donate product from our stock to community groups for fundraising purposes, this is done on a case by case basis.  We also donate goods purchased specifically for the cause to community groups and on occasion we donate money too. 

We support the Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ with donations based on sales of a particular product. 

We allow our staff to volunteer at community projects during work hours without taking leave. 

We donate clothing, water, food etc to Pacific Islands during disaster relief efforts.  We also supply product to fix electricity infrastructure and where space allows we fill the containers with whatever we can source that will be useful during the relief effort.

Although we don’t hold any certifications around this, we believe it is strongly related to our ISO 14001 qualification and thus, we strive to ensure all our suppliers globally and domestically are striving for the same sustainability outcomes that we are.  We ensure they have similar credentials and that there are audit reports available for their operations.

We work with our suppliers to reduce unnecessary packaging and also where it’s unavoidable we ensure it is recyclable.

In 2017 alone, TransNet NZ Limited recycled a massive 27 metric tonnes of cardboard from our main warehousing facility in Auckland alone.

As a distributor, TransNet NZ Limited sells a diverse range of products from third party suppliers that consist of materials and components that comply with RoHS and REACH requirements.