Corys Sustainability

Corys wants to help electrical contractors actively contribute to that effort, promoting and implementing readily available solutions to help tackle climate change.

Corys thrives on heightening awareness of sustainability issues within our company, as well as within our ecosystem of suppliers and customers by:

  • Improving our triple bottom line: financial, social and environmental.
  • Taking initiatives to make our operations more efficient and less impacting on the planet.
  • Providing our customers with solutions for energy  efficiency and renewable energy.
  • Aligning with suppliers leading the industry with sustainable solutions.

Since 2012, Corys brings every year in May an extra focus on energy savings and sustainability solutions during its Energy and Sustainability Weeks (ESW).



Sustainable Operations

Corys retrofitted lamps and fixtures used in all of its sites with energy efficient LEDs. Corys also switched to Ecotricity as its electricity supplier, because it guarantees supply from 100 percent renewable generation and reduces Corys’ carbon footprint with CarbonZero certification.

Corys is developing an energy management plan to continuously reduce consumption and plans on implementing lighting and building controls, solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations.

Corys is committed to banning waste going from its branches to landfill and implement recycling of 6 waste streams. Contractors currently using Corys as drop off locations for waste generated by their jobs will be assured it is recycled properly, particularly e-waste produced by the industry.

Corys is currently implementing Foundation Footprint: a platform accounting for Green House Gases (GHG) emissions by NZ and international standards, while monitoring progress on cost and pollution reduction of operations.

Corys procurement is also becoming more sustainable: marketing collaterals are printed on paper coming from sustainably managed forests and use vegetal ink – preventing water and soils pollution. Corys stationary orders increasingly include labels ensuring superior environmental and social stewardship.

Social Responsibility

Corys recognizes and promotes efforts of its customers promoting energy savings: we proudly sponsor the Energy Efficiency Award of the 2017 Master Electricians’ Excellence Awards. Corys rewards projects demonstrating energy efficient design, implementing renewable energies and conserving resources. Special interest is given to award projects including GreenStar, HomeStar, NabersNZ, ISO 50001 or Energy Mark certifications.

In May 2017, more than 20 Corys employees volunteered to plant 3 000 native trees and plants across the country (Atiu Creek, Porirua Quarantine Island, The Avon) . This translates into 9 300 tons of carbon pollution dispersed over the lifetime of the plants, for NZ communities and the planet to benefit. Corys demonstrated leadership in the Sonepar group, winning an award for environmental initiative of the year and will take more conservation initiatives in the future

Corys is giving back to the community with on-going support to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and highlighted each year during Corys Blue September. This initiative is recognized internationally as best corporate fundraising practice and receives growing contributions from Corys generous customers, suppliers and staff members. Find out more.