Corys Advantage

Corys Advantage is a FREE web based job management programme that can be used either on its own, with your accounting package, or any combination of these two models.

And because it is all online it is as mobile as you are.

In addition to being able to manage a job from start to finish online, Corys Advantage is compatible with most accounting packages available on the market today.

Instead of pricing up a job online customers can update their pricing in their computer programme and do all of their quoting and invoicing from there safe in the knowledge that their pricing is up to date.

Then at the end of the day, week, month or job they can log back into Corys Advantage and download all of their invoices and credit notes and import those electronically so they automatically assign to the correct job on import.

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Manage a job online

You can file your invoices into projects to monitor your expenditure on a job by month and or product, and when the job is over you can transfer the contents of the job onto an invoice to give to your customer. If the quote gets accepted you can then convert the quote to an order and order the products through the website. With Corys Advantage you can login to your account online, price up a job, produce a quote including your own costs (e.g. Labour), margin & logo.

Online filing cabinet that does your filing for you

Once you start using it you'll realise there is no point getting your invoices in the post, via email, printing them off or even saving them onto your computer because they are all there for you online! Corys Advantage files your invoices by date range and job so that you can look up all invoices & credit notes raised during a particular period, or you can search for all invoices containing a certain job number. Corys Advantage is like an online filing cabinet that does your filing for you - only it's much easier to find invoices and credit notes online than it is fossicking through your own filing cabinet.