Corys 1-in-100 Year Issue of Corys Times


When Silston Cory-Wright and Cedric Salmon founded Cory-Wright & Salmon in 1920 they could not have imagined the impact their business would have on New Zealand.  The two Engineers, who met in the NZ Corps of the Engineers in World War One, were responsible for supplying specialised equipment to transformational projects around what was then a developing New Zealand. Today that same business now known as Corys Electrical, and in partnership with our customers and suppliers, continues to transform the world we live in. As we celebrate this 100 year milestone the contribution many people have made in both the past and present is gratefully acknowledged.

A special 100 year anniversary edition of “Corys Times”, tells stories about the early Cory-Wright & Salmon days through to major innovations in electrical solutions that are helping our planet and people today.