Supplier Information

Last updated: 27th September 2020

Delivery information

All deliveries will be made to the nominated location set out in the Purchase Order.  All deliveries will be clearly labelled with the full address of the nominated location as set out in the relevant Purchase Order.  A delivery docket will be provided by the Supplier with the delivered Goods.  The delivery docket will include the following details:

  • The Supplier's full name;
  • The Purchase Order number;
  • The Supplier's  delivery docket number and invoice number (ideally the same);
  • A full description of the Goods delivered – including the Supplier's part number if applicable or Corys' item number, if possible;
  • Total quantity and unit of measure for each item;
  • The method of transport and a carrier consignment note number if applicable; and
  • Dangerous Goods Declaration if the consignment contains a product that is considered a Hazardous Substance under New Zealand law or regulation.

Unless prior arrangements have been made with Corys, Goods will only be accepted between the hours of 8.00am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday and on days which are not otherwise public holidays at the place of delivery.

If the Supplier is required to deliver Goods to one of Corys' Distribution Centres, the Supplier must ensure the person making the delivery complies with Corys' Distribution Centre procedures. If the Supplier has not received a copy of the Distribution Centre procedures and the Supplier is asked to make such a delivery, the Supplier must obtain a copy of it and review it prior to the person making the delivery attending the site and the Supplier must ensure compliance with it.

EDI Information

  • All out going Purchase Orders will be sent to the Supplier in HIWG EDIFACT v1 Standard Format via EDI.
  • All incoming invoices will be received by Corys in HIWG EDIFACT v1 Standard format via EDI.
  • Electronic documents will include Purchase Order Acknowledgement/Purchase Order Change (POA/POC) and Advanced Shipping Note (ASN) in HIWG EDIFACT v1 format.
  • Future documents to be traded electronically in HIWG EDIFACT v1 Standard format include, but are not limited to: Purchase Order Acknowledgement / Purchase Order Change, Statement / Remittance Advice, RFC / Credits, Product Data / Stock Availability / Masterfile Synchronisation (Pricat).
  • The available trading channels are HTTPS, FTP or Webview.

Price and Product Information

  • Suppliers will provide - either on request or in advance of a price change - an Excel spreadsheet of their full product offer detailing:
    1. Supplier part #
    2. Item description
    3. Unit of measure
    4. Trade price – if known in the marketplace
    5. Discount off trade
    6. Corys buy price
    7. Any quantity breaks
    8. Product categorization -  eg, enclosure, LED lamp, batten, shoe, MCB, proximity sensor, pushbutton etc.
    9. Barcode
    10. Trading rebates – where a supplier’s product offer has a variety of trading rebates, item-specific trading rebate info must be provided
  • Corys will undertake a full audit of a supplier’s price file annually and all suppliers are required to co-operate in achieving this.
  • Product Image – All images must be JPG format.  Image dimensions must be at least 500x500px, preferably 1000px and RGB or CMYK colour mode. Image filename must contain the supplier manufacturer part number as entered on new product submission form, followed by a period ,and jpg file extension name. Image must be cover art or a professional quality photograph of the product which is in focus, lit professionally, photographed or scanned with realistic colours and edges.  Product should fill roughly 85% of the image frame with background of pure white (RGB 255,255,255).  Image must not contain additional text, images and graphics. Main product image must be front facing orientation.  Other product orientations can be supplied with the appropriate image filename of the supplier manufacturer part number and follow with orientation name postfix of either perspective, left, right or back.
  • Marketing Text – Unique long description of the product, including features & benefits. All information about the product in written format. 1000 character limit. Marketing text filename must in HTML or plain text format and contain the supplier manufacturer part number as entered on new product submission form, followed by a period ,and either TXT file extension name.
  • Specification Document – PDF format with filename which contains the supplier manufacturer part number as entered on new product submission form, followed by a period ,and PDF file extension name.
  • Images must be supplied to Corys using online file transfer services such as, or