Connected Terms and Conditions

 1.       Corys reserves the right to extend, change or terminate the Corys Connected Rewards Programme at any time.
2.       Corys is not liable for:
-          any reward not being available for any reason;
-          any failure to notify members of any changes in these terms and conditions;
-          any loss or theft of any reward voucher in the course of post or delivery to a member; and
-          the suspension or termination of the Corys Connected Rewards Programme.
3.       Except as required by the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, Corys shall not be liable to a member or any other person for any loss, costs, damages or injury to property or persons resulting from any defect or deficiency in any goods or services supplied as rewards under the Corys Connected Rewards Programme.
4.       Points can only be redeemed via the Corys Connected Rewards Programme. Corys reserves the right to decline unauthorized redemptions should a member decide to deal directly with a third party.
5.       If a member’s accumulated points are not used within three years after the end of the month in which a member was recorded as receiving them, they will expire. 
6.       If a member has insufficient points for a chosen reward they can use cash to pay the difference with the prior consent of Corys. Corys will consider these requests on a case-by-case basis.
7.       Corys Connected Rewards Points may not be converted to cash, trade credits, rebates or any other form of value other than rewards offered through the Corys Connected Rewards Programme.
8.       Corys Connected Rewards Points are only earned on purchases charged to the member’s nominated account. Corys Connected Rewards Points cannot be combined with anyone else’s points or sold, assigned or transferred.
9.       Membership is open to individuals only. Corys Connected Rewards Points accrue to the individual who is named as the Applicant on the Registration Form.
10.    Lost vouchers cannot be replaced or refunded. They are like cash in this respect so keep them in a safe place.
11.    The recipients of all rewards may be subject to New Zealand Taxation Laws. If for any reason a tax or levy is imposed on the rewards in this Corys Connected Rewards Programme it will be the sole responsibility of the recipient. You are advised to seek independent advice.
12.    The member’s trading accounts with Corys must be within Cory’s trading terms for the member to be eligible to receive any rewards in the Corys Connected Rewards Programme. Any payment arrangements (including payment plans) in respect of the member’s accounts being outside the normal Payment Terms, is considered ‘Out of Terms’, and would therefore negate the members eligibility to acquire and redeem their points.
13.    Corys reserves the right to remove points, and suspend the earning of points, if a member’s account is outside its trading terms, or where the member’s account fails to meet Cory’s terms of trade criteria.
14.    If a member closes their nominated account with Corys, the member may redeem any accumulated Corys Connected Rewards Points provided that:
-          The member pays by the due date all outstanding debit balances owed by the member to Corys; and
-          The member must redeem any Corys Connected Reward Points within the period of 90 days from the date on which the account was closed. 
In all other cases, any Corys Connected Reward Points accumulated by that member will expire.
15.    In the event of any dispute, the decision of Corys will be final. No correspondence will be entered into.
16.    Corys Connected Reward Points are not awarded on freight, other service charges or GST.
17.    In the event of goods purchased being returned and credited against a member’s nominated account, points for the returned goods will be deducted from the member’s accumulated points.
18.    Corys reserves the right to disqualify any person from further participation in the Corys Connected Rewards Programme if, in Cory’s sole judgment, that person has violated any of the rules described herein. Suspension or disqualification may result in the termination of the member’s participation and subsequent loss of all accumulated Corys Connected Rewards Points.
19.    Employees of Corys are not eligible to participate in the Corys Connected Rewards Programme.
20.    Registration details, details of performance, redemptions, and/or points earned are collected and administered by Corys for the purpose of the Corys Connected Rewards Programme.   Members agree that Corys may for promotional purposes and to inform members about product and services supplied by Corys:
-       Use any information that they provide or that is collected about them by Corys under the Corys Connected Rewards Programme, including any personal information; and
-       Send them commercial emails at any email address they provide.
21.    A member is entitled under the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993 to request access to and the correction of personal information held about that member provided that any request is made in writing.
22.    To maintain a member’s membership of the Corys Connected Rewards Programme (not withstanding any other rule and condition noted herein) their turnover on their nominated account with Corys must be at least $5,000 plus GST during any twelve month period.
23.    Security of personal passwords is the responsibility of the person to whom they are issued. Neither Corys nor its contractors accept any responsibility for the loss and/or disclosure and/or misuse of these passwords and any resultant claims or loss or damage.
24.    In accepting a reward a member agrees that they will not sell, assign or otherwise transfer the right to the reward to any other person except as a gift for which the member does not receive any cash or other consideration.
25.    By participating as a member of the Programme a member or their other permitted points users are agreeing to the rules and conditions as set above.
26.    All inquiries should be directed to Corys Electrical Limited, PO Box 8023, Symonds Street, Auckland. Ph 0800 267 975, Fax (03) 366 7570, or 
27. In these rules, “Corys” means Corys Electrical Limited and “Corys Connected Rewards Programme” means the terms of the loyalty programme under which customers of Corys receive points by purchasing goods from Corys and qualify for rewards as set out in these rules.