Milwaukee Tools NZ Heavy Hitters Redemption is now available!

There are plenty of redemptions on offer throughout April and May, so make sure you check out the brochure.

Items for Redemption:

  • M18™ Jobsite Radio- Skin M18JSR-0
  • M12™ 3.0ah Battery M12B3
  • M18™ 4.0ah Battery M18B4
  • M18™ 5.0ah Battery M18B5
  • M18™ 6.0ah Battery M18B6
  • M18™ 9.0ah Battery M18B9
  • M18 Fuel™ Mid Torque Impact Wrench W/ Pin - Skin M18FMTIWP12-0
  • M18 Fuel™ Mid Torque Impact Wrench W/ Friction Ring - Skin M18FMTIWF12-0
  • M12-18 Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker M12-18JSSP-0
  • M18™ Multi Tool M18BMT-0
  • M18™Area Light M18AL-0
  • M18 Fuel™ 1/4” Impact Driver-Skin M18FID-0
  • M18™ Hammervac™ Dedicated Dust Extractor M18CDEX-0
  • M12™ Brushed Sander Polisher - Skin M12BPS-0
  • M12™ Redlithium™ 2.0ah Battery M12b2
  • M18™ Led Inspection Light - Skin M18IL-0
  • Angle Grinder 720w 100mm AG7-100S
  • Angle Grinder 800w 125mm AG800-125
  • 125mm (5”) Random Orbital Sander ROS125E
  • Carpenter’s Pouch 48228121
  • M12™ Hacksaw M12CHZ-0
  • M12™ Led Stick Light M12SL-0


For more information, please use the contact form below.